Product image of the iMicro
Product image of the iMicro
Product image of the iMicro open
Product image of the iMicro far
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The iMicro nanoindenter makes measuring hard coatings, thin films, and small volumes of material easy. The accurate, flexible, user-friendly instrument can perform a wide range of nanoscale mechanical tests including indentation, hardness, scratch and universal nanoscale testing. Interchangeable actuators provide a large dynamic range of force and displacement, allowing researchers to test materials from soft polymers to hard metals and ceramics with accuracy and repeatability. Modular options can accommodate a variety of applications: material property maps, frequency-specific testing, scratch and wear testing, and high-temperature testing. The iMicro has a complete suite of options to expand testing, including sample heating, continuous stiffness measurement, NanoBlitz3D/4D property mapping and the Gemini 2D force transducer, which enables tribology and other two-axis measurements.

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